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A field guide is a book designed to help the reader identify wildlife (plants or animals) or other objects of natural occurrence. NatureFieldGuides.comIt is generally designed to be brought into the 'field' or local area where such objects exist to help distinguish between similar objects. Field guides are often designed to help users distinguish animals and plants that may be similar in appearance but are not necessarily closely related. More serious and scientific field identification books, including those intended for students, will probably include identification keys to assist with identification, but the publicly-accessible field guide is more often a browsable picture guide organized by family, color, shape, location or other descriptors. Such type of Nature Field Guides can help anyone to know more about the fields, habitats and other aspects. For such purpose this website NaturFieldGuides.Com works for you.

In particular, western Canada and the United States are renowned for their black and grizzly bears, cougar, wIt is difficult to generalise about the way in which field guides work, because it depends on the audience and subject of the guide. As general public use, the main point of field guides are to definitively identify a bird, plant, rock, butterfly or other natural object down to the popular naming level.

They are designed to help people limit their search to a section of the book where choices are few. wolves, elk, bighorn sheep and mountain goats as unparalleled opportunities to view wildlife. Let be your guide to North American Wildlife If you are spending time in the mountains, than you also need to become bear aware. Knowledge is the key to ensuring the safety of both you and the bear.

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